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 Character Ref. Sheet - Blank

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Avadedra Hetarra

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PostSubject: Character Ref. Sheet - Blank   Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:22 am

Character Refernce Sheet*

(( Keep in mind, these will NOT be accepted or declined, nor will they be locked, so you can edit and play with them as the character develops. They are simply here to be refered back to as needed. ))


Character Number:: (1, 2, 3, etc.)**


Name (full, if applicable)::
Preferred Name::
Age (true and looks-like)::

Character Theme Song:: (this is just for fun, so post a link to an MP3 or YouTube vid if you really want to. Very Happy ))


City Locale:: (refer to forum sections for this)
Employment (if applicable) ::


Physical Description:: (at least one full paragraph. Image ref. if desired [thumbnails])
Weapon(s): (if applicable to the character you are creating)***
Personality:: (one full paragraph, plus the following)
--- Likes::
--- Dislikes::
--- Strengths::
--- Weaknesses::
Character History/Background:: (Two or more paragraphs please)


*Please post all of the character sheets in this section.

**An important note:: You DO NOT have to create multiple accounts for multiple characters. If you're more comfortable doing this, then by all means, do so. But it is not necessary.

*** If your character is a peaceful one, or tends to use whatever is close at hand, then you may leave this section blank.

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Character Ref. Sheet - Blank
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