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 Akribos's Muses <3

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Akribos Ash

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PostSubject: Akribos's Muses <3   Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:06 pm


Screenname:: Akribos Ash
Character Number:: 1


Name :: Alain Marowine
Preferred Name:: Lai
Gender:: Male
Age (true and looks-like)::3618 [appears 22]
Race/Type/Species/etc::Elf of Nature

Character Theme Song:: (this is just for fun, so post a link to an MP3 or YouTube vid if you really want to. ))


City Locale:: Northside
Employment (if applicable) ::Bartender of the Palisade


Physical Description::Alain is a beautiful elf of nature. His skin is silky smooth to the touch, the color of cream. He has no imperfections; tattoos, birthmarks, piercings or scars. His skin is flawless. His eyes, though usually behind closed lids with thick, long lashes are a beautiful amethyst. Few get to see his eyes since he usually has them closed when working. His lips are full. Plump and soft. His ears come to a rising point, a sign of his species. Another sign of his species is his wonderful body. Tall and lean. Standing well over six feet, his body is well balanced. Muscled and proportioned in all the best ways. His hair is long, a deep purple that nears black. It is usually tied up in a somewhat sloppy bun held in place atop his head with vines. Though his bangs usually fall free to hang about his face lying just below his collar bone.

Fashionably, he is rather traditional. As an elf of nature he feels best in hides. Natural leathers and fabrics woven with elven magic and nature. His clothing is usually dark purples and blues to match his hair. Most often his shirts appear to be tastfully shreadded. The sleeves gone, just loose enough for comfortable movement and the front practically gone. It seems to be little more than scraps. Though he does have proper shirts to wear, he refuses to let his finer clothing to be ruined by his choice of career. His pants hug his body like a second skin from waist to ankle leaving nothing at all to the imagination. Every dip and curve of his body revealed. His boots always reach mid calf or knee, always of leather hide. The heels are nearly non existant proving his height to be all his own.

Weapon(s):Alain is familiar with various forms of weaponry. His favored are daggers, swords, bow and arrows, and staffs. Of course there are also the weapons he can craft with his gift of nature. More often with not he can be found with a bo staff that stands just short of his own height with a sword in a sheath down his back. If the sword is not there he usually has a few daggers hidden on his person. Never both, just one or the other.
Personality:: Alain is a quiet man. Growing up in the woods he grew up appreciating the peace of the world around him. Birds singing in the trees, wind whistling through branches, leaves rustling, and the sound of scurrying critters on the forest floor. Sounds he grew up surrounded by and in such an environment, he learned the beauty of silence so he could hear the voices of the trees. He finds the voices of the world a comfort and often lets his mind delve into them when working or bored. He is patient and empathic towards others. He hates seeing others hurt or in pain which leads to a rather strong sense of justice in his older years.

He does have his hobbies, things he enjoys. He can be found sitting and watching the stars from a tree or in the middle of the street in an all out brawl. He's never quite sure if he's an active or laid back person. He loves the outdoors, the wide space reminding him of his home. It also eases his mind. As an empathic person he can easily feel weighed down by his own or others emotions. The stronger the emotion the more it affects him. With that much weight on his mind and heart, the freedom of nature is always a welcome distraction and a nice brisk fight brings his spirits back to its proper place.
--- Likes::Star watching, a good fight [for fun], making drinks
--- Dislikes::People getting away with wrong doings
--- Strengths::Close combat, archery, making good old fashioned elven wine
--- Weaknesses::A bit of a vigilante
Character History/Background:: Alain was born to a family of three in a hidden elven city in a glamoured forest. The forest was part of the outer lands of one of the fae courts. The Court of Light. His family was well off. His father was a man of high standing. One of the finest glamour wielders and clothing designer in the entire court. His mother was a rare talent in the elf community and in most of the fae court. Able to spin the finest spider silk, she could fashion the webs in some of the most amazing clothing and some of the deadliest weapons. His elder sister was a beauty much like himself. She was also one of the finest marksmen with a bow and arrow. By the time he had been born, his families talents had earned them respect not only in their city in the treetops but in the entire fae court.

In his youth he spent most of his time either in his studies or wandering through the trees. Though his family had been talented, he himself had found much of his childhood filled with distractions and silence. Though he had the ability to fight and to study with ease, he often found himself scolded for his wandering mind. Alain had found that though many of the elves were attuned to nature, he felt more closely to it than any of them every truly did. Enough so that the very voices of the trees sang in his mind. By the time he was 12, the voices had spread from the trees to the animals and as he got older, it continued. By the time he was 100 even the wind's words whispered in his mind.

His family had been amazed at his natural ability with nature. Though their breed had been close with nature for as long as they could remember, it had been many years since one had arrived that could do more than feel their worlds natural harmony...that could actually hear its voice. When his talent had been discovered he'd been put into a warriors training program. Alain learned to hunt, fight, defend, and more. His sister and mother proving to be even fiercer teachers than even their warriors and hunters. It was during this training that his powers reached another spike. While out on a hunting trip with his sister, to test his archery skills, he'd followed the voices of the trees to a deer grazing. Alain had brought it down with ease, but not without feeling it's terror and fear seconds before it had died. That single spike of his powers had opened him to not only the voices of the world around him, but their feelings. The entire way home he could feel his sisters pride in him washing through him, but that moment of terror greatly diminished his happiness.

From that point on, he became quieter. He worked hard. He'd found his place, his pride in his family. Alain was happy and he worked his way up in the elf community and soon even the Fae Court. By the time he was 1450 years of age, he knelt before his Queen and King as they knighted him into their service. He served them well. Fighting as not only their champion on many occasion, but as a soldier on the front lines when battle faced their Court. He wanted to not only protect the people that had cared so well for his loved family, but the family and home that he had left behind the viel of glamour. But soon even this proved to much for his already wearied mind. Every battle he fought was agony on his mind as he was crushed beneath fear, anger, hatred, pride and more. As proud as he was to serve his home and his people in such a way, he knew by the time he was over 2000 that he would never survive such a life. His mind was far to open to the spirits of the living around him. Plants, animals, and Fae alike.

Seeing the increasing toll that such a life was taking on what was a beautiful man, his parents and sister confronted The Court of Light to free him of his duty. Though Alain protested being released from service, the King and Queen released his service with the right to call on him again should any dire need of his skill ever arise. Accepting the reprieve that the Fae were laying upon him, he packed his things and left the lands of The Court of Light and set to wandering. It was during this wandering that he found himself entering Salem Square. It was in this strange place he found a small home for himself and a job as a bartender in a fairly nice bar. But old habits die hard and with the voices and feelings of the world constantly swirling throughout his being, he often finds himself acting as a vigilante putting the worst of the inhabitants in their place. Besides his overwhelming sense of justice causing his vigilante antics, Alain has settled into a quiet life of work and relaxation.

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Akribos's Muses <3
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