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 Chapter 3

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Avadedra Hetarra

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PostSubject: Chapter 3   Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:10 am

Chapter 3:: Who lives in Salem's Square?


In this city, humans are the minority. Every creature ever spoken of in myth, whispered about in darkness, or feared in nightmares walks here. On the same thread, beings of great beauty thrive here, benevolent creatures that coexist with everything around them.

Old Mr. Archibald, the eldest of the Elders, used to stand in ruling over the city dwellers, but few have seen him in nearly fifty years. Not since the death of his daughter, the Angel Alysian, has Archibald left his manor.

After her death, most of the Angels in Salem's Square found ways to leave the city, which left a large number of the weaker species, especially humans, unprotected. Higher level creatures became more aggressive and would have decimated the rest of the population had Archibald's right hand, the Lady Sin, not stepped in. Through her, Archibald regained control of the city and the population grew once more.

These higher level beings include such things as Vampires and Changelings (Were's). Lower level beings include Witches/Warlocks, some types of Demons (Elementals/Fae/etc), and, of course, Humans.

As happens, there are factions within the many different species, and across them, that have gone to war with one another. Very little can be done to stop the uprisings of violence and death when they occur. Neither Archibald nor Sin can bring peace to all of Salem's Square.
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Chapter 3
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