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 Kent Mitchell

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PostSubject: Kent Mitchell   Tue Nov 02, 2010 1:09 am


Screen name: Firestorm
Character Number:: 1


Name (full, if applicable):: Kent Mitchell
Preferred name: Kent, Kenneth, Ken... Call him Kenny and die.
Gender: Male
True age: 19
Looks like:21-24
Race/Type/Species/etc: Caucasian/Hispanic human

City Locale:: Wanders the city. Often seen around the Oval Ring, Tabor street, the factory district, the Archibald Manor/Grounds, and occasionally seen in the entertainment district's various locales.
Employment: P.I., mercenary for hire, rogue


Physical Description: A fit young man with tan skin and dark hair. Is rarely seen in anything casual, preferring vests, jeans, jackets, and other utilitarian clothes depending on what roll he is playing at the time. He sports a mustache and beard that frames his face. Hard blue eyes and a scarred face speak of many battles fought and won in the city's rougher sectors in spite of his lack of any apparent powers. Expression permanently serious, though the more brave might try to make him smile.

Weapon(s): proficient with fire arms but mainly carries boot knives and a hunting knife on his belt. Do NOT try to touch them!

Personality:: Kent is not what one would call a social butterfly. He interacts with people only as much as he has to, and surprisingly prefers the presence of lyanthropes or even vampires or demons. In spite of this however, he makes his services readily available for anyone willing to pay him a hefty fee, whether it is location of a missing person or assassination of one's rival. He speaks little, and some would say he thinks even less, but he has a rogue's luck and guile, and when he does speak seems able to manipulate even the hardest of individuals. He serves his own agenda, fighting for no cause, and believing in nothing but the cold, harsh reality in which he has found himself.

--- Likes:: BIG guns, knives, women, hard drinks, calisthenics, money, conspiracy theories
--- Dislikes:: humans in general, people who call him Kenny, PDA, magic, panzies who refuse to fight for that in which they supposedly believe
--- Strengths:: In superb physical shape, seems mentally resistant to some magics, technically and tactically skilled
--- Weaknesses:: Money, Mata Hari (AKA "Femme Fatales"), strong drink
Character History/Background:: Will develop as the story continues
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Kent Mitchell
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