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 Raina Shey Terachi & Chaz

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Avadedra Hetarra

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PostSubject: Raina Shey Terachi & Chaz   Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:29 pm


Screenname:: ~AVA~
Character Number:: 2


Name (full, if applicable):: Raina Shey Terachi
Preferred Name:: Raina, Rai, Rain
Gender:: Female
Age (true and looks-like):: 17
Race/Type/Species/etc:: Human / Elemental - Fire Dancer

Character Theme Song:: Ghost in the Shell - Resurrection I-Making of Cyborg (( Because I can see her fire dancing to this. ^_^ ))


City Locale:: North Side - The Market
Employment (if applicable) :: Waitress in a cafe


Physical Description::
(( basic idea ))

Raina stand about 5'7' and weighs around 140-142 pounds. She has pale skin, dark blonde/light brown hair that she wears short in the front and long in the back, and has emerald green eyes.
In clothing, Raina wears light colored, many layered garments (basically a kimono style). These are worn loose for ease of movement. Her selection of jewelry only spans to one velvet choker with pearl beading and a white-gold necklace with a carved jade rose pendant. Other than that, Raina doesn't wear jewelry at all.

Weapon(s): Pale blue silk parasol painted with two silver dragons, hidden blade in the handle.

Generally bubbly and light, Raina prefers to laugh and smile rather than resort to brash and reckless actions. Peaceful and calm by nature, her outward cool belies an inner heart and soul literally made of flames. When pushed, her sweet demeanor can, also literally, become a raging inferno of anger. Her constant cheerful attitude acts as a dampener for her powers of fire creation and manipulation. Young in body and ancient in spirit, Raina does her best to remain diplomatic and smooth unless the immediate moment calls for anything otherwise.

--- Likes:: dance; flames; ice cream; a good joke; music
--- Dislikes:: mindless fighting; dark rooms; dark colors
--- Strengths:: fire creation and manipulation; quick thinking; cheerful attitude
--- Weaknesses:: abilities tied to emotions; fire creation weakens her faster than manipulation of already existing flames

Character History/Background::
Raina comes from a place and time not unlike our Earth's Feudal Japan era. They only thing she remembers about life before Salem's Square is walking through a large open field with a man she believes might have been her older brother when the ground beneath her opened up and swallowed her. When she woke later, she found herself alone in a dark alley. After a week of wandering the city, and almost burning down a building, Raina was found by an older woman who introduced her to a coven of fire elementals from all walks of life. They gave her a home and a family, and two and a half years have passed since.

Now, Raina has her own apartment and a job waitressing at a cafe near it. The woman who found her has since 'adopted' her and is teaching her to control her abilities. She's had a few mishaps along the way, but she is learning. As to fighting, when she finds she must, Raina tends to take the defensive. She tries hard to keep from lashing out with her flames or her weapon. To her, life is dea and precious, no matter who or what they might be.

Recently, Raina has been joined by a fire sprite (think Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle that calls itself Chaz. He is a playful creature that does a lot to keep Raina happy and calm. While she works, he remains hidden safely in her sleeve (thankfully, all of her clothing is flame retardant); otherwise, he hangs out on or around her shoulders. You'd lately be hard pressed to find one without the other.

Her life right now is fairly simple. She has a few good friends among her 'clan,' and no enemies to speak of unless you count the blood hate between some of the elementals, but she tries to avoid them if she can. For now, Raina really feels like she belongs here, even if Salem's Square is a dark and deadly place to live.

~ AVA ~

Characters (links to ref sheets) :
1. The Lady Sin
2. Raina Shey Terachi
3. Khale Gideon

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Raina Shey Terachi & Chaz
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