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 Chapter 4

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Avadedra Hetarra

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PostSubject: Chapter 4   Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:09 am

Chapter 4:: Who are Sin and Archibald?


Thaxton Archibald, referred to only as Old Man Archibald in recent years, is as ancient as the city itself. Many whisper that he is a decended god from some ancient race of people, but the truth is far simpler. He is one of the three remaining Vampire Kings in all of existance (outside of Earth domain, where the Kings have passed from memory). After being banished from his world, Thaxton was given dominion over Salem's Square and denied ever leaving it.

After centuries of fighting his fate, Archibald settled into creating his empire, drawing beings from many different worlds until the city was a thriving metropolis. By utilizing the veils, he found a way to calculate a positive growth in the city's population. Along the way, he adopted Alysian, a young Angel that had become separated from her family during one of the shifts. As the girl grew, so did the peace within Salem's Square.

When Alysian died, or was murdered by her father as folks believe, Archibald withdrew from city life. No one has seen him leave his manor at the top of Tabor Street in near fifty years, nor has anyone been to see him, save the Lady Sin.

Although Sin is not her true name, it's all anyone knows her by. A Fae Scorceress, Sin is keen in both the black and white arts of magic. She was initially taken on by Archibald to help in the raising of Alysian, as Archibald had no wife. Soon, Sin was doing much of the work in the dealings with the city, acting as his political liason of sorts.

Alysian died on the one night in many years that she had not been at the manor. For her part, Sin blames herself for the girl's death. As a result, she has tied herself more closely to Archibald, and the fact that she still lives gives testament to his continued existence.

As a due, Archibald and Sin have kept Salem's Square thriving for many thousands of years. Even after removing himself from the world, Archibald continues to manipulate the veils, bringing in new creatures, and sending some out.
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Chapter 4
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