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 The Lady Sin's Appearance

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Avadedra Hetarra

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PostSubject: The Lady Sin's Appearance   Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:58 pm


Screenname:: ~AVA~
Character Number:: 1


Name (full, if applicable):: Margaret Gainsforth
Preferred Name:: Lady Sin, or just Sin
Gender:: Female
Age (true and looks-like):: True- a few thousand, lost count / Looks- 24ish
Race/Type/Species/etc:: Humanoid / Fae ( Likely a descendant of the Tuatha Dé Danann, although this is highly unknown. )

Character Theme Song:: "Lithium Flower" ~ Ghost in the Shell OST


City Locale:: West End - Tabor Street
Employment (if applicable) :: Thaxton Archibald's Right Hand


Physical Description::
If you know who Sharon den Adel (vocalist for Within Temptation) is, just think of her a few years younger and a bit smaller (no offense to Miss den Adel, of course). Here are a few refs for you::
Sin has waist-length black hair, normally worn loose around her face and shoulders, and has bright blue eyes. Her skin is light in tone, her lips dark and her features delicate, yet sharp. Broad of shoulder and narrow of hip, Sin stands in the upwards area of 6' tall, so she can seem a little imposing at times, even though she tries not to be.

She favors Victorian style clothing with a modern twist, baring her slender shoulders and arms over layered and laced bodices and full skirts. She has a gothic beauty that sometimes scares anyone that doesn't know her.

She carries with her a slim wooden cane with a carved jade serpent at the top. The cane is actually a hidden blade that she will not hesitate to pull if need be, but it also acts as an outlet for her powers sometimes.

Sin might seem like a hard-case, but the truth is that she's far from it. Generally a sweet woman, Sin is only brash when her job calls for it. Her demeanor when you first meet her is somewhat closed off until and unless you are able to get to know her. She's very no-nonsense when it comes to dealings with the city and would rather knock you down than talk about it if the moment called for it.

As she deals in both the white and black magics of her race, Sin has been called bi-polar from time to time. Depending on which flow of power she taps into, her personality tends to match it. As a general rule, though, she tries to keep her attitude light and open. Rule of thumb: don't disrespect her or Archibald Thaxton. She doesn't always take kindly to that.

--- Likes:: conversation; peaceable beings; brandy
--- Dislikes:: obnoxious creatures; disrespect
--- Strengths:: white and black magics; quick thinking; good/quick eyes; physical movement
--- Weaknesses:: over-use of magics is draining; personality slips (minor)

Character History/Background::

Sin, born Margaret Gainsforth, was born many thousands of years ago in a place parallel to our own, on an Earth that didn't fear and destroy magic. The middle daughter of a prominent Irish family, Margaret was waiting to marry a wealthy land owner's son when, on the eve of her wedding, she was pulled into one of the many veils that opened into Salem's Square. She is one of the few that remembers anything about her life before coming here.

After a few weeks learning Salem's Square, which was much smaller and had fewer citizens at the time, Margaret was approached by Thaxton Archibald. He had been surveying her movements for a while and, having seen some of her abilities, offered her a job helping him. At first, she had issues dealing with some of the species that entered Salem's Square, but she dug down deep into her noble baring and made a place for herself. As Salem's Square continued to grow, so, too, did Sin's powers. She found ways to control them and use them when and as she chose. In time, she designed her cane and had it crafted by a Hephaestian (a Child of Hephaestus, forge worker).

It was the Angel's that gave her the name 'Lady Sin' in the first place. They seemed to think that a woman with such a lovely face shouldn't harbor such dark abilities as her black magics. After a while, the name stuck, so she continued to use it. Alongside the Angel's, and with Archibald's backing, she was able to create tenuous truces and alliances between many of the factions of beings within the city. After Alysian's death, however, Sin was forced to watch most of her hard work fall to pieces as, without the Angel's to protect them, weaker species fell to the stronger ones.

As the millineum's rolled past, Sin's status and power grew. After the death of Archibald's daughter, however, many have speculated whether or not Sin is now the one really running Salem's Square. She seems to be the only one who has seen Archibald in the last fifty to one hundred years, but she refuses to confirm or deny his continued existance.

~ AVA ~

Characters (links to ref sheets) :
1. The Lady Sin
2. Raina Shey Terachi
3. Khale Gideon

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The Lady Sin's Appearance
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