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 Cali's Maze of the Mind

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PostSubject: Cali's Maze of the Mind   Tue Sep 14, 2010 6:12 pm


Screenname:: Juni
Character Number:: 1


Name:: Caliandre Tilkin
Preferred Name:: Cali
Gender:: Female
Age:: 52 (Looks 23)
Race:: ¾ Human, ¼ Demon

Character Theme Song:: ((Can't think of any right now, I might add one later if divine inspiration hits me Razz))


City Locale:: West End Living District
Employment:: She runs her own information business. Read here: she can get you virtually any information you want on virtually any subject. For the right price, of course.


Physical Description:: HUMAN FORM - Caliandre stands barely over five feet tall, but don't let it fool you. Years of living in the slums fighting for survival has toned her body to a perfect state of fitness. Flame-colored wavy hair frames a heart-shaped face and falls down her back all the way to her waist. She likes to wear it loose, but she can sometimes be seen sporting a high ponytail. She has bright blue eyes, freckled cheeks and a mischievous grin that almost never leaves her lips, a good indication of her personality. Even though she is mostly Human, the Demon blood in her caused her to be born with pointed ears that she adorns with many earrings and piercings.

She favors dark clothing, especially dark red and black. She's impartial towards both skirts and pants, so she can be seen wearing both, though the tops she wears leave her stomach uncovered more often than not. The only weapons visible on her are a pair of long-bladed daggers that she carries in sheaths tied to her belt, but she has many others hidden on her person.

DEMON FORM - In her demon form, her face stays pretty much the same but her eyes turn a yellowish green with slitted pupils and her skin takes on an ash-gray color. She grows in height and bulk, up to nearly six feet tall. Her legs have the shape of an animal's hind legs (much like a wolf's), she has wicked claws on both hands and feet, a pair of horns on top of her head, a long slim tail, and a thick layer of dark hairs covers a good part of her body.

Personality:: Caliandre is generally a fairly laid-back woman. She's learned a while ago that stressing out about stuff is completely useless, and that you have to make the most out of life and enjoy what you have while it lasts. She has a mischievous type personality and she enjoys a good laugh around a good drink. She likes making new acquaintances because new acquaintances mean more contacts for her information network (therefore more money to be made).

Caliandre though, has more than just a bit of Demon blood in her. Which means, don't get on her bad side. She has quite an explosive temper when rubbed the wrong way, and she has the tendency to transform into a frightening beast (as described above) when she gets really angry. Also, with people she doesn't like, she speaks bluntly and makes common use of sarcasm and cynics. If she doesn't like you, you'll know.

She is extremely strong-willed, and once she has her eyes or mind set on something she will get it, no matter how unattainable it may seem. Having lived in the slums for a good part of her life, she isn't the most refined woman around and more often than not she speaks her mind openly, even when it would have been better for her to keep her mouth shut.

--- Likes:: Money, fun people, a good drink, open-mindedness.
--- Dislikes:: Liars, people who have no motivation in life, fools who pick fights just for the heck of it, comments about her small height.
--- Strengths:: Her willpower, her speed and agility, her psionic abilities.
--- Weaknesses:: Her short temper, her inability to control WHEN she turns into her demon form, her tendency to speak without thinking, her psionic abilities (they can be both a strength AND a weakness).

Psionic disciplines::
PSYCHOKINESIS – The ability to control solid matter with the power of the mind; lift objects and move them around, rearrange the molecular structure of a matter to either raise or lower its temperature or change it into something else completely, create sound, control light, and even disintegrate matter completely, etc.
PSYCHOMETABOLISM – The ability to control one's, or someone else's metabolism and body functions; heal wounds and diseases, absorb energy from elements (fire, lightning, etc) instead of being hurt by them, shape-change, sharpen senses, enhance strength, etc.
TELEPATHY – The ability to control one's, or someone else's mind, mental attributes and brain functions; read minds, send thoughts and words into someone mind's, influence or tweak emotions and feelings, control someone's actions, instill confusion, inflict mental pain, make someone see/hear/smell something that's not really there, etc.
-->NOTE<-- The abilities listed as examples for each discipline are not necessarily the abilities that Caliandre has mastered. Some of them are way above her current level of skills and some she might never master at all.

Character History/Background:: Caliandre woke up in a smelly alley of the slums when she was eight years old with her mind wiped clean of any kind of memories of the past, except for her name. Lost and confused, she wandered around hoping that someone would recognize her, but no one did and she was left fending for herself for days, begging for food and sleeping in dark corners. She hated the nights in that town. It was full of weird sounds and creepy things that made her hackles rise, but at least they left her alone.

She eventually ran into a band of children and teenagers, abandoned, homeless souls like herself, and she was taken in. They taught her all the important things about surviving in the streets; shoplifting, pick-pocketing, fighting (both brawling and with weapons), and more importantly, running away. She quickly became quite proficient with all of the above, and managed to live a life that couldn't quite be called comfortable, but wasn't completely miserable either.

Around the end of her teenage years, she discovered a new way to make money; the information business. There was always someone somewhere who wanted to know something, and they were willing to pay a nice price for that. So she worked on building a vast network of contacts, and in a matter of a few years her little business flourished and she became one of the most reliable information source out there. She even managed to buy a house in the West End living district where she opened an official office for her business.

In her late thirties (even though she still didn't look older than her early twenties), Caliandre received the visit of a man named Salidar, who claimed to be her grandfather. He shed some light on her forgotten past; unlike what she had thought, she wasn't born in this town. She came from an outside world where she lived with her father, her mother having died at childbirth. Her father, Kelinas, was gifted with strong psionic powers, which he unknowingly passed onto his daughter.

When, at the age of eight, Caliandre's abilities started to awaken, Kelinas placed a seal on her daughter's mind, locking her memories and powers in a secluded corner of her mind and asked Salidar, his late wife's father, to take her somewhere safe. The reason for that was that in their homeworld, there was a group of evil psionicists who "recruited" (read here, forced) every person with the "gift" that they found into their ranks. Kelinas had managed to avoid them so far, but he was afraid for his daughter's safety so he entrusted Caliandre in Salidar's care.

The man took the unconscious girl and crossed the invisible border of their world, intending to take her to a world where the Brotherhood of the Dark Will wouldn't find her, but while he was in between the worlds a strange blast of energy hit him and Caliandre was wrenched from his arms and ended up in Salem's Square.

It took over 40 years before he was able to find her again.

Of course, when the man told her this story, Caliandre found it hard to believe. First, she had no proof that what this man was saying was true. And second, how could he be her grandfather when he barely looked older than thirty years old?

As an answer to her question, the man's shape slowly started changing, growing in height and weight, growing claws and horns, and before long a seven foot tall demon was standing in the middle of the room. Caliandre was stunned, frozen with fear as the demon reached out and put a clawed hand on her head.

The seal shattered and memories of her childhood flooded her brain, and her psionic potential awakened again.

As of now, Salidar has been training his granddaughter in the arts of the mind for the last four years, helping her grown in strength and improve her skills. And Caliandre has found out that she could definitely put her newfound abilities to good use in her business; why pay contacts for information when she could dig it directly from their brains?


Yes, I got carried away in the Background section. XD And the picture for her human form is an OLD picture that I made, my first and only attempt at watercolor. Razz I'll put up a better one, once I kick my own butt into making one.
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Cali's Maze of the Mind
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