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 Sephira & Lelin

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PostSubject: Sephira & Lelin   Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:38 am


Screenname:: Amakai
Character Number:: 1 [2 if you count the dragon xD]


Name:: Sephira
Preferred Name:: Sephy or Hira
Gender:: Male
Age :: He's around 3,000 but looks 23
Race/Type/Species/etc:: Fallen Angel/human

Character Theme Song::Lunartail by Luzmelt
City Locale:: He's a wanderer; never stays in one place for too long
Employment :: none
Physical Description::Sephira is about 5'6. He's very thin but is extremely buff; not like overly muscular though. Just well toned in all the right places. he tends to wear only a white toga like robe that hangs on one shoulder, wraps around his waist and ties on the opposite side of where it's hanging on his shoulder. His once white wings are now black and they're usually hidden in his back; yes IN his back.

He has silver hair that's kept shirt and out of his face. The rest of him is hairless ;] He has two tattoos. One on his right shoulder of a dragon, which he can summon, and on his back there are two angel wings; these being the seal for his real ones.

His dragon is more or less his companion and he usually has him on his covered shoulder or on top of his head. Sephira has named him Lelin and they are inseparable. Lelin can grow to a large size; Sephira uses this to banish demons. Lelin simply eats them. What a Face

Personality:: Sephira is a kind soul; obviously since he's an angel. Fallen or not, he isn't easily angered or offended, unless he sees demons hurting humans or animals but usually he forgives easily. Like most angels, he has a soft spot for the innocent; children. When he's not wandering, he can usually be found playing with, reaching to, or just watching kids of the town that he happens to be in. When it comes to fighting demons, he becomes cold and slightly cruel; almost heartless but they're demons so it's expected. If a human gets him to that level of anger...RUN.

--- Likes:: time to himself, watching people, Lelin, wandering, doing good deeds, dragons
--- Dislikes:: being in fights, in large crowds, darkness and any kind of evil
--- Strengths:: His calm demeanor, his ability to simply walk away from a pointless fight or argument
--- Weaknesses:: demons hurting humans; he finds that he NEEDS to take action and deal with the demons.

Character History:: Sephira was born an angel. He did not live on earth or grow up there. He spent nearly his whole life in the clouds in Heaven. When Sephira was 2,500 years old, a war broke out between the angels and the demons. Being one of the Archangels, he was chosen to go fight them off.

For 400 years, he fought with his fellow angels against the demons. On one of the nights of resting that both sides had agreed to, Sephira had gone wandering. He met one of the demons and found that the demon didn't want to fight, just like himself. They talked for a few hours and Sephira made the mistake of helping the demon slip back into the netherworld.

When the war ended 55 years later, Sephira was summoned to the council and was sentenced to banishment for helping a demon escape. As punishment, he is forced to live on earth until he has completed 20,000 good deeds. Sephira has lived on earth for about 55 years now and has only completed about 2,000 good deeds.

Sephira met Lelin on a snowy winter night. Being that he isn't human, he had no need for warm clothes. At the time of their meeting, Lelin was a giant 20 foot tall dragon. When he questioned why Sephira was only dressed in a white robe, the answer he received touched him. All Sephira had said was 'Why should I wear clothes to protect me from the bitter cold when I have God and his love to keep me warm?'. After telling Lelin his punishment, the dragon shrank himself and burned the dragon tattoo onto his shoulder. That started their journey and their friendship together.

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Sephira & Lelin
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