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 Dragon Madness

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PostSubject: Dragon Madness   Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:26 pm


Screenname:: DeusDeOnis
Character Number:: 1


Name (full, if applicable):: Nirrad Zlohdniw, a.k.a. DeusDeOnis
Preferred Name:: DeusDeOnis or just Deus (most creatures do not know his full name only his godly)
Gender:: Male
Age (true and looks-like):: Is several million, appears to be an elderly man, late 90's early 100's.
Race/Type/Species/etc:: Deity

Character Theme Song::


City Locale:: All, travels throughout the entire city at random. He has been known to be in multiple places at once.
Employment (if applicable) :: None


Physical Description::
Seen as an old man with long white hair and a huge white beard. He has a youthful twinkle in his eyes. He carries a large staff that he occasionally leans on as he walks to keep up the farce of needing it, yet despite his ancient appearance he walks with ease, seeming to be in great physical condition. Often seen smoking a large pipe, this strangers long robes hide from view his muscular physique. There is almost a glow around him as he goes about his tasks. Those who view him from a distance may see a frail old man, but those who take the time to get closer will notice that he is anything but.

Occasionaly he will take the form of animals to observe his surroundings rather than his basic human form, in such
cases they always have pure white fur/feathers/etc. similar to his hair.

When not traveling or observing the city up close he prefers to take the form of a large mercury dragon and reviles in flying overhead to startle those unfamiliar with such beasts of legend. Very rarely will he actually fly in to attack but when he does he is a frightening sight to behold. Scales like mirrors glisten in the sunlight nearly blinding those unfortunate enough to be caught in the reflection, even the surrounding landscape seems to reflect
off of them.

Weapons: Deus is fully combat ready with great skill in all known weapons and a few unheard of. Usually he walks with his staff and uses it primarily, but he has a pair of swords and several daggers hidden within his robes. He prefers medieval weapons, but it is not unheard of for him to be seen wielding a gun or similar future tech weapon.
However when in a tight spot his fists are more deadly than any weapon he may carry.

As one of the most ancient and highest ranking of the old gods, deus prefers to observe the world mostly. He does enjoy setting mortals on quests and testing their potential. Though in battle he is fearsome and cruel, he has a much gentler nature when not angered. He views all creatures as children compared to himself, and as such treats them with kindness when able. It takes a great deal to anger him and once he is a great deal more to escape his wrath. Viewing himself as somewhat of a 'grandfather' to all, he delights in performing small tricks and tests for those he encounters, rewarding those who prove themselves worthy, and quickly ignoring those who do not.

--- Likes:: Helping mortals learn their true potential and testing their skills.
--- Dislikes:: Power hungry fools, and those not smart or motivated enough to learn for themselves.
--- Strengths:: As an elder god he can duplicate the power of any lesser being if he so chooses. He is hesitant to use his full power when interacting with the mortal world, preferring to get those around him to do things instead.
--- Weaknesses:: In human form he holds their same weaknesses and this form can be slain just like any other person.
In animal form the same rings true. Only in Draconian form is he not seen to be just like the rest, and no known weaknesses have been seen then. *
*if he is slain in human/animal form he reverts to his natural energy form and must reconstruct a mortal body to 'posses'*

Character History/Background::
Born Nirrad Zlohdniw, to a prince of Aenekai, a large island chain on a remote ancient world. His family traveled to another planet to be near his mothers family while his grandfather was still king. After his mothers death his father kept the family near her homeland until the king died and he needed to claim his throne. Growing up near his mothers family it was soon noticed that him and his siblings were special indeed. While his cousins aged normally, it took several times longer for them to age similarly. By the time he reached the age of twenty and started his adventuring career, several generations of 'cousins' had passed on.
Beginning his career in a small town Nirrad quickly gained fame and power, defeating many high status foes and becoming known as somewhat of a hero. Even after his family returned to their fathers planet he rose to fame quickly again.
But he strived for more than mortal fame and power, he knew he was meant for greater things, so he traveled to the realm of the gods and undertook his first quest to join their ranks. Upon completion of this quest, the most ancient of overlords, impressed with his skill and zeal, approached and offered him a rare chance to become an overlord himself. He jumped at the opportunity and soon started another quest.
After spending several millennium in the great overlords training dimension he emerged, more powerful than any but the great overlord himself. As such the great one appointed him his successor and granted him even greater power. Having started as a mortal himself and earning his godly-hood rather than being born with it, he believes all should have to prove themselves worthy of such power. Thus when his children were born he set about training them and stripped them of their power until they were old enough to quest themselves. Keeping this mindset he travels to many new worlds still ever searching for those worthy of being granted godly-hood, and testing all he encounters to show them their true potential.
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Dragon Madness
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