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 Drakk's Lair

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PostSubject: Drakk's Lair   Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:51 pm


• Name: Saharah Voulder

• Preferred Name: Saharah (Nickname) – Baby V – Chief V

• Age: 32

• Gender: Female

• City Locale: Easter Waterfront District – Factory Row

• Employment: Special Forces Recon Starlight Genome Soldier (SFRSGS)

• Appearance: Standing at 6 feet tall in her Battle Armor Series D (BAsD), she has a slender build and is very agile. The suit has a turquoise color to it with a mix of black around every joint. Her right and left arm plates boast the red-cross symbol showing her as a combat medic and a death skull with crosshairs over it showing her as a sniper, on her chest-plate as well as her helmet shows her last name and rank, Master Chief Voulder. The BAsD suit is a fully enclosed battle suit that has high-density protective plating all over the suit and it acts as its own life support system allowing the soldier to fight in almost any atmosphere. A custom hilt is fused to the back armor plating and inside the hilt sits the “Electro Cyzor”, a custom katana made just for Saharah. An emergency medical pack is strapped to the armor much like a backpack with all the tools needed for an SGS combat medic. Wrapped in a specially made camo cloak that is strapped to her back is a fully custom-enhanced type-3 AX 50 caliber sniper rifle. On her outer thighs of both her legs are two RCP-300 30 caliber submachine guns strapped to specially made holsters. Finally there are the two specially crafted curved short swords that sit in small hilts at either of her calves, perfect as a last resort weapon or throwing weapon.

• Personality: Saharah is a woman of many faces, all depending on the situation at hand, in the heat of battle she is level headed and all about business as well as taking care of her unit. Away from battle she is a little more open, but she only mingles with the SGS of her own unit, for her unit is a truly rare breed and they like to keep to themselves. Saharah is a soldier you would want by your side in the bleakest of situations, with her A.I. Kylari around they always seem to find the bright side to any predicament and find the way out of a tough situation.

• Likes: A clean and victorious battle with no casualties in her unit. To kick back with her unit and enjoy the subtleties of life outside the battlefield. To train in the mixed martial arts, always learning new techniques and takedowns, as well as sword practice and to hone her skills as a master-swordsman.

• Dislikes: Stupid officers that make ill-fated decisions getting her kind killed in missions that are ridiculously impossible.

• Strengths: To bring medical aid to anyone in need of medical attention. A true master-marksman with all models of sniper rifle in the arsenal, as well as a master-swordsman in the use of the katana. With all her genetical improvements she has the strength of 5 grown men, her eyes were surgically enhanced with multiple forms of vision such as infrared vision, night vision, etc, as well as zooming abilities of up to 50 times normal vision. She has the ability to run at great speeds of up to 30 mph in full battle armor and weapons and she has outstanding endurance able to battle for days and show little fatigue.

• Weakness: A major downside to Starlight Genome Soldiers (SGS) is that the natural life span of the soldier is halved, with a natural life span of only 45 years. The genetical improvements with all their advancements could not stop a problem of over-heating in the soldier, so to counter this, the Starlight Military has put special cooling systems within the life-support system of the BAsD. However if for any reason the soldier leaves the suit they won’t survive longer than a week before they burn up from the inside-out, less they find a way to cool down their core temperature.

• Background: Genetically engineered from the finest soldiers of the Star Prime Military, Saharah was placed into intensive training for the first ten years of her life, learning all forms of battle strategies, mastering of multiple martial arts and disciplines as well as mastering in the use of the katana as well as long range precision shooting. Upon finishing the first ten years of training she was the number one student of the academy and was awarded the “Electro Cyzor”, a beautifully crafted katana infused with powerful electromagnets that could send 50,000 volts of electricity coursing through the enemy. The first ten years of a SGS soldier’s training marks the halfway point in their training, at such a time they are given their A.I. The A.I. will be implanted in the soldier’s brain and will act as a guide in a way, will provide the soldier with up-to-date critical intelligence as well as monitor the soldier’s stress levels on a mental and physical level and basically act as a second conscience. After the A.I. and SGS soldier are melded they are given time to take in the major change, after this time Saharah gave her A.I. the name of “Kylari”. Now that Saharah has had her physical training and has gotten use to Kylari, the last ten years of training is ahead of them. Ten years of intense mental, physical, and psychological mending to adapt the soldier to any and all possible situations and operations to make the soldier and A.I. work as one super elite soldier.
After twenty grueling years of training since a child, Saharah graduates from the Starlight Military Academy in the top her class. She is immediately shipped out on the first battle cruiser to her first mission, where in her first battle her unit is caught in a surprise attack and she is badly injured by an artillery strike. She ends up losing her right arm and now will carry scars for life along her face and torso on the right side. She is later given a 2800 series bionic arm equipped with life saving tools and hidden weapons, she learned from this mission what the world of war is like and is out to master it. It is 10 years later, and over 1,000 missions accomplished and Saharah as well as Kylari have grown into a battle hardened veteran team and with only 6 of her 50 SGS unit still alive they are the roughest and best of the Special Forces Recon Starlight Genome Soldiers (SFRSGS).
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Drakk's Lair
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