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 Coruja's Imaginarium

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PostSubject: Coruja's Imaginarium   Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:49 pm


Screenname:: Coruja
Character Number:: 1


Name (full, if applicable):: LOKI (Liquid Omni Key Intelligence)
Preferred Name:: Loki
Gender:: Binary
Age (true and looks-like):: 1 month (true)
Race/Type/Species/etc:: Nanotech machine - similar to liquid metal

Character Theme Song::

City Locale:: Eastern Waterfront District - Factory Row
Employment (if applicable) :: None

Physical Description:: First morph: a pool of liquid metal.
Personality:: Binary. Loki follows his internal rules.
--- Likes:: -
--- Dislikes:: -
--- Strengths:: -
--- Weaknesses:: Extra high/low temperatures, heavy electric and magnetic fields, high voltages.

Character History/Background:: LOKI technology has been developed by a super intelligent form of life as a supreme political weapon. LOKI is basically a mass of nanobots that communicates to each other and interact in a chaotic or ordered way, depending on the demands. Its unique mission is to blend into enemies' society, take high ranked positions and destroy the society from inside, leaving the entire culture weak to be conquered by Loki's creators. There are lots of active and inactive LOKI in the universe and eventually, one of them had accidentally fell into a black hole ...

This LOKI, simply named Loki by locals, had traveled through the black hole and arrived at Salem's Square, at the Eastern Side. Since he wasn't given direct orders to follow, he will run by default. First step: Observe. Second step: Blend. Third step: Confidence. Fourth step: Control. Fifth step: Annihilation.
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Coruja's Imaginarium
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